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authentic homemade Indonesian tempeh

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Tempeh has been eaten in Indonesia for centuries where it is highly appreciated not only for its great taste and texture but also for its amazing healthful properties - as well as being a great source of protein (containing every essential amino acid) tempeh also has other health benefits, some of which are quite remarkable.


It is a deceptively simple product, which requires no industrialised processing and uses very few ingedients, all of them natural: soya beans, water, vinegar and a starter culture (nature's magical Rhizopous Oligosporus – traditionally formed on hibiscus leaves).

Although tempeh is a vegetarian (and vegan) product, surprisingly it's actually non-vegetarians who consume most of the world's tempeh and at TheTempehMan  we don't view it as purely a 'vegetarian' product at all but simply as good food for everyone to enjoy!

Most of the processing and hard work is done by nature, in the form of time. These few ingredients work together and in the right conditions (with the right amount of time allowed for each stage) they ferment to produce a food which is so much more than the sum of its parts.

It forms a firm 'patty' which has a subtle and slightly nutty taste. This can then be sliced, diced or grated and cooked in any number of ways, absorbing the flavours of other ingredients wonderfully.

Tempeh offers such versatility that it's been cherished in Indoensia for centuries – no easy feat in the famed 'spice islands', renowned for the rich abundance of fresh and varied food.

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