the tempeh man

authentic homemade Indonesian tempeh

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To ensure our tempeh is of the highest possible quality and on a par with the best in Indonesia (where it's been enjoyed for centuries) we decided that it was necessary to embark on a thorough research trip to study with some of the best tempeh producers in the world; people who've been making tempeh for generations.


So, in 2013 we set off to Java and spent several months studying tempeh production techniques and processes with a number of very kind (and patient) mentors. This research trip took us across the island from east to west, beginning high up in Malang (well known for the quality of its tempeh formed in the pure mountainous air) and finishing in Jakarta (less known for its pure air) where over 100,000kg is produced each day in mostly small, household production facilities.


Below are some photos of our tempeh gurus who kindly shared their time and knowledge with us during this trip...

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